Five Crowns

Chapter 1 Lost components, part 1 (session 1)

part 1

Day 1

Chapter 1 Lost Components

Before the first scene, Silvis comes across Tick on the road to Dross. He agrees to help her reach the city. These two and the others eventually arrive at the Rusted Shingle, a tavern near the merchant’s circle nearest the cavern side of the city.

A heavy set and somewhat tipsy halfling stumbles his way into the tavern. After ordering a drink, he looks over the inhabitants of the inn and eventually makes his way over to Damakos’s table. He loudly complains about losing some materials and implores the ranger for help fearing the wrath of his employer: a powerful and ruthless wizard. Hearing a good opportunity, Lathain quietly leaves the bar and makes his way to the bridge system. After some discussion, Silvis and Tick join Damakos and promise the halfling to help. The halfling, Duhven, loans the party his cart to be able to retrieve the barrels of spell components. And the party sets off.

Lathain, moving quickly and, bypassing the line at the city gate, arrives at the first way-house but finds it empty. A detect magic reveals nothing. He backtracks a little to find a merchant to ask about Duhven. The merchant recognizes the description, but hasn’t seen him that day. Lathain returns to the house to investigate more.

The party is slowed by bridge guards but eventually make their way to see the first way-house just as Lathain re-enters the house. He re-emerges as they arrive and there is some tense discussion as everyone tries to determine each other’s motives. A bargain is struck that Lathain will receive a portion of the components and the rest party will split the coins.

During portions of the discussion, a path leading to a covered hole is found behind the way-house and eventually the party begins to explore. The cover is removed and Damakos descends a precarious rope that leads down a vertical shaft. Partially down the rope, the shaft opens to a room which, unfortunately, contains a pair of goblins.

summary to be continued…




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