Five Crowns

Chapter 2, Part 4 and Chapter 3, Part 1 (session 6)

start: Day 8, very late evening

  • Silvas stays the night with Tick
  • Tick talks with the acoltye
  • Long rest

Day 9-13

  • cure disease performed
  • five days travel back to city

Day 14-18

  • downtime: 5 days
  • research, potion making, lathain takes a loan
  • meet Father Desos

Day 19

  • one day travel to twin city

Day 20-21

  • three days travel to tower

Day 21

  • arrive at tower on third day
  • fight with ooze outside
  • fight with ooze inside
  • short rest in tower
  • fight with goblin/apes



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