"Captain" Tumacious Dross

Human Warrior: 6'3", 220lb, Blonde hair, Blue Eyes


Character_Tumacious_Dross.gifThis human has a large 6’3" frame and is built for action. He is well muscled without being out of proportion with his frame. While not especially graceful, every move he makes he seems to pause as if expecting artists to be feverishly sketching his image. His golden blonde hair is short, and roughly cut save for some long bangs that flow gracefully in the breeze, framing his rugged face and hinting at his attention to his own appearance. He is the kind of attractive man that nobles scoff at, well, the men scoff at anyway. But this is not only that they fear the women might blush. No, it’s not out of jealously of his appearance but because he is obviously a man of action. He exudes confidence, caring not of their status nor their petty squabbles. Whenever making eye contact with him he flashes a wry, knowing smirk and a slight nod. It’s as if he is keen to something about you that you aren’t quite aware of yet.

Whatever his attire, he is always adorned by a large polished spaulder on his left shoulder and his left ear sparkles with two golden earrings. He is often carrying, resting on, or posing with his Glaive and has a large Greatsword strapped to his back, as if to make the statement that a single weapon an ordinary man would struggle wielding just isn’t enough for him.


Age: 26 Born: 2/22 (at dusk)
6’3", 220lb
Blonde hair, Blue Eyes
Muscular build

"Captain" Tumacious Dross

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