Name Reference


Merriss – wizard living in Grommin
Imp – Merriss’s imp
Duhven – Merriss’s assistant
Mother Hollybrin – Druid “gone wrong”
Sergeant Parch – was supposed to reside at the top of the tower north west of Grommin
High Priest Desos – Priest of Rale in Dross
Lord Rettrin – Ruler of Axriss
Lord Nomogee – deceased, former noble on the council of Axriss
Father Halladay – highest ranking priest of Rale in Axriss
Father Affrin – Priest of Rale residing in Axriss, friends of Desos
Lord Mayjin – current council member of Axriss, replaced Nomogee
Farmer Isadore – owns farm where meeting is held
Sayid – Keldon’s instuctor
Nodal (sp?) – Keldon’s peer under Sayid


Arcanists of the Ruby Tower – elven mage guild
East Road Mercantile Guild – thieves guild with a presence in City of Dross
Shining Bridge Trading Company – merchant Gromm
Rohpern Knights – knights of city of rohpern and surrounding area
Emerald Knights – elite knights of northeast
Wyvern Knights – knights of the city of Wyvern Nest

Famous People

King Abrahullon – Ruler of the west
King Tamanvore – Ruler of the east
Lady Trupaar – Ruler of the north east
Thaledis (THAL eh dis) – (m, half-elf) head of the Shining Bridge Trading Company
Tenly – (f, half-elf) unofficial second-in-command of the Shining Bridge Trading Company
Lord Falcis – lord of Wyvern Nest


Dencoren – fallen kingdom of ages past
Orin Chasm – chasm between the twin cities of Dross and Grommin
Dross – Twin City to the east
Grommin – Twin City to the west
Volhton – town formal home to Mother Hollybrin
Wyvern Nest – city in the east
Axriss – city in the east


Chyrus: God of unity, light, trade (light)
Rale: God of passion, fire, law. (War)
Gress: Goddess of growth, trees, death. (Nature, life)
Baephon: God of change, water, celebration. (Water, tempest)
Lunaa: Goddess of tranquility, moon, harvest. (Knowledge, tempest)
Ydrin: God of stability, stone, marriage. (Knowledge)
Magneron: God of renewal, smoke, birth. (Life, trickery)
Uurgosh: god of discord, orcs
Llem: goddess of mercy, ice, shelter.
TBD: God of intrigue, stars, safe passage
Unnamed: God of subtlety, little water, fermenting and brewing?
?: Goddess of? , ?, hunting. (Nature, trickery)
?: God of stability, stone, marriage. (Knowledge)

Old gods

Murtalurteous (mur – tal – uhr – tee – us) – goddess of life and birth
Uurganthesend (uhr – ganth – eh – send) – god of war and death
Mandertrophurous (mander – troh – fur – us) – god of magic
Hendoolican (hen – dool – ih – ken) – god of blood and sacrifice
Mephanderlous (mef – ander – luss) – god of deceit

Name Reference

Five Crowns kyaakone