Obviously not a complete list.

Rohpern Knights

A knighthood established in the small town in the northeast kingdom. There are two popular perspectives on this group. One is that this is a bargain basement knighthood, filled with second rate warriors equipped with second-best equipment; well intentioned but not as effective as better trained knights. However, in the northeast, where the background is more widely known, this knighthood represents high morals and upward mobility. It is comprised of former peasants and farmers whose primary mission is the safety and well-being of the people; rather than the rulers of the realm.

Emerald Knights

In the northeast, the Rohpern Knights serve the common man, and the Emerald Knights serve the wealthy. Heavily comprised of elves, this group is widely respected, but rare to see outside of the northeast.

Wyvern Kinghts

In the city of Wyvern Nest, to the east, this knighthood is well equipped and trained. A fairly recently created knighthood, many of its initial membership were former Emerald Knights, although exclusively human (at the time). More mercenary-minded than other knighthoods, the Wyvern report directly to their lord, Lord Falcis of the city of Wyvern Nest.

Shining Bridge Trading Company

A merchant guild in the twin cities, they own and operate the bridge system that connect the two cities. Membership is governed by individual contracts with members of the guild that are granted such privilege. The exact power structure of the organization is confusing, at best, to try to understand. However, all acknowledge that the leaders are Thaledis and Tenly.

East Road Mercantile Guild – thief’s guild in dross

Arcanists of the Ruby Tower

An academy for wizards and sorcerers, residing in the east. Formerly, it was run exclusively by elves.


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