The pantheon can be described in terms of a sphere. At the top is Chyrus, god of unity. At the bottom is Uurgosh, god of discord. In a ring that wraps the middle of the sphere, equal distances from the top and bottom and equally spaced from each other are the gods Rale, Gress, and Baephon. The remaining gods exist on the surface and are often described in relation to these 5 fixed points.

Another way to describe the pantheon is a circle. In this visualization, Chyrus resides in the center of the circle. Uurgosh is the outer edge. Rale, Gress, and Baephon are points on a concentric circle whose radius is half of the outer circle.

Each god has provision over three things: (1) a high level concept; (2) a more tangible or perceivable element or power, and (3) an event in life that people allow for a connection or starting understanding (which is also, often, the event in which tribute is paid to the deity).

suggested domains
Chyrus god of unity, light, trade (light)
Rale god of passion, fire, law. (War)
Gress goddess of growth, trees, death. (Nature, life)
Baephon god of change, water, celebration. (Water, tempest)
Lunaa goddess of tranquility, moon, harvest. (Knowledge, tempest)
Ydrin god of stability, stone, marriage. (Knowledge)
Magneron god of renewal, smoke, birth. (Life, trickery)
Uurgosh god of discord, orcs
Llem goddess of mercy, ice, shelter.
TBD god of intrigue, stars, safe passage
Unnamed god of subtlety, little water, ? water, nature
? goddess of? , ?, hunting. (Nature, trickery)


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