The Twin Cities

The campaign will likely start in the area of the twin cities of Dross and Grommin, in the south.

Dross and Grommin, the twin cities.

The cities are large and prosperous. The cities are separated by the Orin Chasm, a large, dangerous canyon (about the size of the grand canyon). An alternate route between the cities to the north skirts too closely to the fields of Dencoren for most merchants to consider the route. To the south, the swamps make cart and wagon travel undesirable. Fortunately, the chasm contains many plateaus and these plateaus are connected by a number of dwarven constructed bridges so that a wagon can cross from one city to the other without descending into the chasm.

The bridges are operated by the Shining Bridge Trading Company, a merchant guild that levies a tax on trade across its bridges. These fees are reduced for guild members, making it essential for those that engage in regular trade. It is not illegal to enter the chasm, just very unsafe. It takes roughly a day to cross the bridges with a cart or wagon. The Bridge Guards are willing to escourt you safely from one side to another for a price.

Dross is to the east. Grommin is to the west.

The Twin Cities

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