Five Crowns

Chapter 1 Lost Components, Part 2 (session 2)

Day 1

  • Battle 1 giant goblin, 2 goblins, 2 rats. Exit room. kill one goblin. other goblin becomes giant. Kill both giant. enter room. find two giant rats. kill them.
  • find barrels (and other stolen goods)
  • leave with barrels.
  • Damakos and Silvis stay in shack
  • Tick goes to find Duhven (but finds him not there)
  • Lathian goes to tell contacts (which tell him about Merris)
  • Tick and Lathian return to shack

Day 2

  • next morning, decided to try to find Duhven while tick stays with the barrels.
  • damakos, silvis and lathian speak with merris and find him harmless
  • return to get barrels and tick
  • talk with merris

Day 3

  • day 1 of 5 days of travel

Day 4

  • day 2 of 5 days of travel

Day 5

  • day 3 of 5 days of travel

Day 6

  • day 4 of 5 days of travel

Day 7

  • day 5 of 5 days of travel
  • wolves



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